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What is the
Shady Ladies Literary society?

Shady Ladies is for anyone who loves stories (memoirs! beach reads! literary fiction! sci-fi! nonfiction!) as well as good food and thoughtful conversation. (And perhaps a little bourbon.) 

A Shady Lady is anyone (men too!) who has ever gotten lost in a book. Anyone with a self-professed literary addiction and perhaps more books than friends. (Don't worry, we won't tell.)

If that's you, then welcome!

Our regular Shady Ladies experiences bring emerging women* authors to Detroit to talk with other Shady Ladies about their books. We have good food and conversation in unique locations. If that isn’t a winning combo, we don’t know what is.

Have we piqued your interest? As Stephen King once said, “Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once,” and neither do Shady Ladies. You have to come meet us to believe us.

We’re like book club... but better. ;-)

*When we say women, we mean just that: anyone who identifies as a woman.

Take the Quiz:

Are you a Shady Lady?

◻️ Do you enjoy good food? (Mmmm. Cheese.)

◻️  Do you enjoy good cocktails? (Bourbon, please.)

◻️  Do you enjoy smart, insightful conversation? 

◻️  Do you support women writers and believe in the power of women's stories?

Congrats! You're a Shady Lady. 


Bonus question:

◻️  Are you a man who likes these things?

You're a Shady Lady, too.


A Shady Lady is all of us. 



Meet our Shady writers 

These fabulous women writers have joined us in Detroit and share our belief that in a world that is ever more polarized, good stories told over a great meal can bing us together. Plus cocktails!


What's It Like to be a shady lady?


Pretty fabulous. Just check out these photos from our Shady Ladies experiences at Elmwood Cemetary, Detroit Whiskey Factory, Chene Park Amphitheatre and the Detroit Foundation Hotel.