super secret shady ladies | november 2

super secret shady ladies | november 2


Super Secret Shady Ladies

Saturday, November 2 | 5 p.m. - 8 pm.

For this experience, we’re taking you somewhere new, somewhere outside the city. But we can’t say where. It’s our secret 😉 You’ll just have to trust us. Here is what we can tell you:

◽️ It will be magical
◽️ It will be outside
◽️ Fire will be involved
◽️ So will cocktails
◽️ And s’mores
◽️ And soup
◽️ And fondue
◽️ And more food!
◽️ There will be wine
◽️ We’ll be within the Detroit metro area
◽️ We’ll be at somebody’s home
◽️ We’ll be near a lake
◽️ You won’t likely get forget this night

We will spill the beans on one aspect of the event (because our founder, Amy, is lousy at keeping secrets). Our guest author is Anjali Sachdeva, and she’ll be talking about her collection of short stories, All the Names They’ve Used for God.

SQUEE! This is one of my favorite books of the past two years. I couldn’t get these fantastical stories about women and fate and out of my head. I can’t think of a better stories to share together around a fire.

That was Amy piping in, by the way. If you don’t believe her, believe Roxanne Gay.

What an outstanding short story collection. One of the best collections I’ve ever read. Every single story is a stand out,” — Roxanne Gay

This promises to be an unforgettable evening that combines three of our favorite things: stories, cocktails, and conversation with smart women!

$150 (includes signed book)

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What To Expect
We’ll start the evening with a custom cocktail, which will be designed by the owners of Castalia Cocktails. What will they make? It’s a surprise to us, too! But we can tell you they pair their cocktails with scents, and it will be on-theme of the book.

After that, you can wander the grounds, take in the lake, snap some photos, mingle, meet the author and other Shady Ladies.

You can also nosh through the evening. We’ll have a grazing board laden with food from a local private chef who is known to cater the city’s top kitchens and events. There will be soup, fondue, cheese, meat, s’mores and so much more!

Finally, Anjali Sachdeva will read from a story from her book and engage in spirited conversation with Shady Ladies’ founder, Amy Haimerl. Guests will also have the chance to ask Anjali their own questions!

How Will I Know Where To Go?
We will email you the address 24 hours before the event.

Is There Parking? There will be complementary valet on site.

When Should I Arrive? Please arrive at or after the event start time. We cannot accommodate early guests.

What Should I Wear? This event is outside. And November in Michigan could mean anything. We will have fire pits, blankets, heaters and warm food on site, but you’ll want to dress according to the weather that day.

But I haven’t read the book! That’s ok. Most people haven’t. You get the book at the event and get to read it after, having heard the author’s stories.

Eligibility: Everyone is welcome, including men. However, these events are designed with adults in mind. If you are interested in bringing a minor, please email us to inquire.

Media Disclaimer: Photographs and/or video will be taken during the event, and we use those images on our social media channels and website. You understand that, by attending, we may use your likeness as we see fit.

Cancellations & Refunds: We are unable to issue refunds, but are happy to transfer your ticket.

More questions? Great. We’d love to hear from you. Email